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Wired or Wireless backup Camera? Which to Choose?

Driving is now a part of life for many of us. Drive to work, to school, or even take your family on a trip. Obviously driving is an essential mode of transportation, but it also brings risks. It could hit a toddler or any pedestrian, or in other cases, another car behind while reversing. Thousands of seniors and young children are reportedly involved in such accidents every year. To help reduce these risks, a built-in onboard backup camera is necessary.图片1

Now, whenever we hit the road, we should have a backup camera that helps you avoid accidents caused by reversing and park more accurately. If you’re considering adding a backup camera system to your car, there are two main types to consider: wired cameras and wireless backup cameras. Each system has its pros and cons, and ultimately, your choice will come down to factors like price, quality, and convenience.


Wired Backup Camera System

Wired backup camera systems are known for their reliability and high picture quality, but due to the installation process, they are not the most convenient type of system on the market. If you’re not a seasoned car enthusiast you may need to hire a professional to wire your car or truck if it doesn’t already have a backup camera installed. This can be a bit cumbersome and expensive, especially if you have a larger, longer vehicle like an RV.


Advantages of a Wired Backup Camera System

1.More reliable. Your backup camera is permanently connected to the monitor screen, which means you’ll always get a clear picture.图片4

2.Better picture quality. Wiring can handle more data and can receive images faster than wireless cameras for focused and sharp images.图片5


Disadvantages of Wired Backup Camera Systems

1.Cumbersome installation. To install a wired reversing camera, you must run the wiring through the entire vehicle, from the rear where the camera is located to the front of the car where the dash will mount the monitor, and most of the installation is accompanied by drilling holes. If you’re like DIY, you can certainly try to do this yourself, as the camera comes with detailed installation instructions.


2.For users without professional skills, drivers who are inconvenient or do not like “DIY” projects, it is better to hire a professional. But this adds high labor costs, sometimes costing $100 just to drill a hole in the trunk.



Wireless Backup Camera System

Wireless backup cameras do not require any wires to set up or operate. Just install a camera and place a monitor next to the driver’s seat, or integrate it with your system to get a clear view of what’s behind the vehicle.


Advantages of Wireless Backup Camera Systems

1.Easy to install. Installing a wireless backup camera couldn’t be easier. Installation takes about 5 minutes and can be done by anyone, even a non-technical driver. People who drive longer vehicles such as trucks or RVs often prefer wireless cameras because wireless systems are very easy to install compared to the complexity of setting up wired installations on longer vehicles.图片12

2.Almost no labor cost. Wireless cameras require less equipment (no wires), which helps make installation less difficult.图片13
3.Advanced technology. Wireless systems are more “high tech” than wired systems. If you prefer to outfit your car with technologically advanced gadgets, choose wireless. Some wireless backup cameras can even be integrated into navigation systems.图片14

Disadvantages of wireless backup camera systems

1.Not a hard connection. Many wireless backup cameras use an analog signal and are prone to static or signal loss. Sometimes, interference can cause poor image quality. Some wireless backup cameras provide a digital signal, which is more reliable.

2.Poor picture quality. When the backup camera sends image data wirelessly to the display, depending on the signal strength, there is always the potential for interference, lag, or overall loss of image quality. But you can still get a rough idea of what’s within 25 meters behind you, which can still reduce the risk of parking.

A choice

From features to price points, there are many things to consider when shopping for a backup camera. But wireless systems are also a great option for drivers looking for a faster, easier solution.

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