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The Importance of Backup Cameras and How to Choose

Why do we need a car backup camera.

Since May 2018, U.S. federal law has required all new passenger cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds to be equipped with rear-view surveillance technology. In most cases, this means backing up cameras.

According to past statistics, these deficiencies result in approximately 210 deaths and 15,000 injuries each year in reverse accidents involving light vehicles. And the statistics don’t start to account for incidents of drivers hitting something or running over bicycles, toys or other objects.

Why do we need a car backup camera 01

Why do we need a car backup camera 02

A good backup camera system gives you a full view of what’s going on behind you so you can monitor your vehicle’s blind spots. Whether you’re reversing, parallel parking, or just wanting to better understand your surroundings.

A good backup camera 01

Advantages of in-car backup cameras.

Obviously the most obvious benefit of a backup camera is that it helps avoid injury and potentially fatal reversing accidents by expanding your field of view, especially below rear window or trunk level. The camera also improves your ability to see beyond the width of the mirror image, helping to eliminate blind spots.

Backup cameras are especially useful if you’re towing a trailer, it can help you park faster and safer. Backup cameras allow drivers to see obstacles behind the vehicle more clearly and accurately.

Backup cameras 01

Add a backup camera to your car.

If your car was built before 2018, it probably didn’t have a backup camera, but don’t worry. There are many aftermarket backup cameras you can install yourself. Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Costco sell aftermarket systems for under $10 for bottom-line standalone cameras for vehicles equipped with existing dashboard displays. Complete setups with cameras, transmitters and displays can range from less than $100 to over $500.

Add a backup camera

All you need to do is attach a backup camera to the back of the car (preferably as close to the center of the car as possible) and send the footage to a monitor attached to the console display, dashboard, or your embedded rear-view mirror , allowing you to see your blind spot more clearly when reversing.

backup camera to the back of the car

Problem with installing backup camera.

Generally speaking, a simple backup camera consists of three parts: the camera, the display, and the cable. But cabling means we need to re-route new circuits for this new system, which can make you have to spend more time with the trouble of drilling holes in the trunk and complicated wiring.

Problem with installing backup camera

Problem with installing backup camera 02

Of course many auto parts retailers can also handle the installation for you, but the high labor costs will be 5 to 20 times the price of the complete system.

If you choose to install a backup camera system on your trailer, then in addition to the above problems you will also face the problem of how to ensure that the system will still work properly when the trailer is disengaged. And choosing longer cables means custom systems and higher unit prices.

A better solution: 100% DIY backup camera.

Taking SC43-U as an example, this type of camera can effectively avoid the above problems.

Wireless Backup Solar Camera

The designer integrates all the equipment into a license plate frame, and the user only needs a screwdriver and 5 minutes to complete the installation without any professional skills. The precise design can completely wrap the license plate without covering any symbols, so that the installed vehicle is as complete as the original one.

camera powered up

To keep a camera powered up completely without cables, using an efficient solar charging panel and solar charging battery is a good idea. SC43-U is evenly covered by 4 pieces of amorphous silicon solar charging panels, which can absorb energy well no matter where the sun shines. The 23% conversion rate allows the SC43-U to last up to 180 days without cable charging.

4 PCS Solar Panel

The built-in 2.4G digital signal transmitter can transmit the video picture to the front color display in real time, and the transmission distance of 20 meters completely covers any vehicle type.
The 4.3-inch color display only needs to be connected to the cigarette lighter switch in the car to work immediately.

No wiring or drilling Display Screen

Users buying such cameras can effectively spend unnecessary labor costs in other places that can improve the driving experience.



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