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SUNWAYI strong OEM/ODM order production capacity

2018 SEMA exhibition, customers put forward cooperation ideas
ODM orders: A questions

SUNWAYI's team cares about every need of customers.

Before starting ODM orders, we need to carefully understand the problems faced by customers and try to solve them through technology.

SUNWAYI products are developed and designed to solve every problem encountered by customers, they will be carefully integrated into a unique product, which will become your exclusive product.

ODM orders: A questions
DR team
ODM orders: A solution

Powerful D&R capability

D&R team carefully studies each problem and proposes a feasible solution through experiments. Whether it is a technical upgrade of an existing product or a re-development of a new system, we can handle it with ease.

After more than 20 years of continuous development, SUNWAYI has several excellent D&R teams, which enables us to have a strong ability to deal with problems. We will design the most suitable and unique products to solve this problem.

ODM orders: A solution
2019 Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show (Customers check samples)
ODM order: A prototype

Prototypes that can solve problems

When all the issues are resolved, the D&R team will integrate all the solutions into a prototype, we will send it to the customer and see if it meets the customer’s needs.

In addition, we are happy to provide customers with OEM services, such as custom logo/packaging/boot screen, we will continue to make samples according to customer requirements until the customer is satisfied.

ODM order: A prototype
production team
OEM order: Start production

SUNWAYI's high-quality production process

When all the details are confirmed and all the performances have passed the test, the production process will start and we will strive to complete the production of the order in the shortest possible time.

SUNWAYI has a number of mature automated production lines and 300 employees, all production workshops have obtained BSCI and RoSH certification, and the production capacity can reach 80,000 pcs per month.

OEM order: Start production
quality control
OEM order: Quality control

Production quality of SUNWAYI

SUNWAYI’s quality control will always accompany the entire production process, from purchasing materials to finished product packaging. We focus on every detail so that the product solves the customer’s problem instead of being a problem.

SUNWAYI has in-depth cooperation with SGS and other laboratories. Passing third-party testing is the best embodiment of product quality and the greatest guarantee for customers and SUNWAYI.

OEM order: Quality control
inspection and storage 1
OEM order: Inspection and storage

We pay attention to every detail.

After the production of the product is completed, the customer will let the designated inspector come to the company to inspect the product quality, and each indicator will be sent to the customer after the inspection is completed.

After completing the inspection of the goods, all products will be placed in a special warehouse, and the door will be opened again until the moment of transportation.

OEM order: Inspection and storage
2015 Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show (our team)
OEM order: A smile

Solving customer problems is our mission.

Since the establishment of SUNWAYI, this model has been with us for many years. It has successfully solved customer problems, and we have also gained customer recognition.

Today, SUNWAYI’s OEM/ODM production model is still in continuous improvement, which will enable us and more customers to achieve success.

OEM order: A smile

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