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Solve the blind spot problem of motorcycles & electric bicycles

Traveling with two-wheeled vehicles is starting to become a popular trend. For seasoned riders, nothing is more rejuvenating and refreshing than a long ride on a picturesque route. For people who have short trips, an electric bicycle can avoid traffic congestion and use a shorter time to reach the destination.

But when driving at high speed, the rider must concentrate on the front, which will enlarge the blind spot of the rider’s vision, especially from the rear and the side, which makes the rider full of danger when turning.

Don’t think that this is only a problem for motorcycle riders. With the advancement of technology, the speed of electric bicycles is constantly increasing. Some e-bikes can reach speeds of up to 40 mph and sometimes remove the mirrors for aesthetics, putting these riders at a higher risk.


Where are the blind spots of two wheelers

Blind spot areas on two-wheelers will vary depending on the shape of the vehicle and the type of mirrors used. The area most often referred to as the blind spot is the rear quarter blind spot, the area on both sides towards the rear of the vehicle. Vehicles in adjacent lanes of the road may fall into these blind spots, and the rider may not be able to see them only through the rearview mirror. There are also some blind spots in those areas that are not visible – the back.


How to Reduce the Risks of Blind Spots


1. Know where the blind spots of nearby vehicles are and stay away from them as much as possible.
2. Ride in front of or behind the vehicle, not in a position next to it. Ride next to the vehicle only when overtaking and complete the overtaking quickly and safely before entering the space in front of the vehicle.
3. Allow extra space between your vehicle and other vehicles. A buffer of at least 20 feet can reduce the time you spend in your vehicle’s blind spot.
4. Wear bright or reflective clothing and use headlights to improve your visibility and help other motorists see you and your vehicle.

A Solution

A rear-view system focused on two-wheeled vehicles would be a viable solution.
Taking the RVC wireless rear view system as an example, the 160° rear vision can cover the entire rear blind spot, which allows the rider to understand any situation behind.
A 5-inch high-brightness display is placed in the middle of the handlebar, allowing the rider to quickly check to see if a vehicle is passing behind without blocking the forward view.
The simple dial remote doesn’t require a lot of manipulation, and the rider can control the entire system with just a thumb dial or click of a button.
The wireless design simplifies installation even more, and riders only need a simple DIY installation to get rear visibility, which is well worth it.

RVC Motorcycle Rear View SystemRVC on the way

Often we overlook or feel the importance of visibility because it is easier to develop visibility skills with a two-wheeler than a car. In fact, the root cause of many accidents on the road is “lack of visibility”!



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