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WSU43 Solar Charging Wireless 2.4G Backup Camera America License Plate Frame Camera

Wireless power backup camera WSU43 solar
Wireless solar backup camera
Wireless Solar Rear View Camera
Wireless power backup camera WSU43 solar
Wireless solar backup camera
Wireless Solar Rear View Camera

American license plate frame reversing wireless 2.4G solar charging backup camera Chinese manufacturer

WSU43 combines wireless technology and solar charging technology to become a completely wireless backup camera.

WSU43 can be perfectly integrated with California and other license plates, users only need 5 minutes DIY installation to use, avoiding high labor costs. While clearing the rear blind area, there is no need for wiring and turning holes, and the whole vehicle will not be damaged after installation.

The wireless 2.4G high-definition digital signal enables the transmission distance of WSU43 to reach 20 meters, which is fully adapted to various vehicles. Solar charging can keep it fully charged all the time.

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WSU43 true wireless solar backup camera.

  1. No wiring, no splicing, 5 minutes to install the American license plate frame DIY camera.
  2. Full 140° camera angle of view plus camera rotation structure, fewer dangerous blind spots.
  3. IP67 waterproof/snow/weatherproof camera,
  4. With a maximum conversion rate of 23%, solar panels and smart low-power technology allow the camera to work permanently even under sunlight.
  5. The high-brightness 4.3″ color display provides a variety of mounting brackets (windshield bracket, instrument panel bracket, ventilation bracket).
  6. The display time is 60″, 45″, 30″ optional, and the screen displays adjustable parking guidelines. Tap to turn on the reverse mode, allowing the driver to experience an extraordinary experience.
  7. 2.4Ghz high-definition digital wireless signal transmission, the transmission distance can reach 20 meters.

Wireless solar backup camera application

Wireless solar backup camera application

Wireless solar backup camera for long-distance transmission

Wireless solar backup camera for long-distance transmission

Advantages of WSU43:

Our R&D team integrates solar technology, low-power technology and wireless technology into WSU43, which not only reduces dangerous blind spots when reversing, but also helps customers get rid of complex and expensive camera installation work.

The size and layout of WSU43 are compatible with American license plates. Users from California have proved this perfectly. The combination of camera and license plate makes the whole installation more creative. Compared with similar cameras on the market, WSU43 is a highly integrated one-piece structure camera, and the installation is more perfect and simple (100% free of wiring)!

The 500-brightness screen ensures clear images, even when exposed to direct sunlight or sunglasses.

High-definition 2.4G digital signal wireless transmission, the effective transmission distance is more than 20 meters;

All-in-one, 100% DIY installation, plug and play, 5 minutes installation!

Wireless solar backup camera waterproof

Amorphous silicon solar charging board has a solar conversion rate of 23%, the highest in the solar industry!

Intelligent low-power technology, it can be used for about 180 days when fully charged.

1/3 CMOS image sensor chip, compared with 1/4 CMOS sensor, the image is clearer and the night vision effect is better.

Adjustable viewing angle and full 140° camera can greatly reduce blind spots.

We are always ready to customize products for you, regardless of tools, functions, logos, packaging, etc.

We will make you different! The most impressive among customers!


140° field of view
Adjustable camera
2.4G digital transmission
1/3” CMOS image sensor
4.3” color display
Waterproof level IP67
Adjustable screen parking guide
Adjustable reversing time (60” / 45” / 30”)
Maximum. Current 280mA
Sleep current <0.05mA
Working voltage 12-32V
Working temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
Frequency: 2400 ~ 2485 MHz
Transmission distance: 20 meters (actual occasion)
Built-in lithium battery capacity: 2100mAh
Wireless solar backup camera solar charging

The package includes:

License plate holder with camera and solar panel
4.3” color display
Mounting brackets
power cable
USB/DC cable
User manual
Wireless solar backup camera assembly
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