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84T68A 4G Android 6.86 inch Touch Screen Dash Camera With WiFi GPS Multifunction

84T68A 4G Dash camera
84T68A 4G Dash camera call
84T68A 4G Dash camera 1
84T68A 4G Dash camera 2
84T68A 4G Dash camera size
84T68A 4G Dash camera
84T68A 4G Dash camera call
84T68A 4G Dash camera 1
84T68A 4G Dash camera 2
84T68A 4G Dash camera size

84T68A 4G Telecommunication Android 6.86-inch Full Touch Screen Dash Camera with with Internet access WiFi GPS FM BT Rear View Reversing Google Play Remote Monitoring

4G communication, monitoring the vehicle driving situation timely and remotely, surfing internet (download applications) anytime and anywhere, acts as a tablet or a smart phone.
Touch-controlled 6.86-inch large-size Screen and friendly manu opertion interface provides a better using experience.
Multi-function (eg BT, WIFI, GPS Navigation, Automatic reversing aid), provides value enjoyment besides the nomal Dash Cam use-purpose.

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SUNWAYI 84T68A 4G Features and Highlights:

● 4G telecommunication (5 Frequency Bands) to smart phone for remote live-monitoring timely. More people can share the monitoring image at the same time by CAR-ASSIST app.
● 170° large shooting angle of the front camera covering 6 lanes, HD 1080P*1920 main image record and display, an important witness for accident claims besides full-size image appreciating. RMOH (Remote Monitoring) and RVC (Real-time Video).
● 140° 720P*1280 rear-view camera for dual record (Picture in Picture) and automatically reversing aid with built-in parking guide line, ensure your driving safer and more convenient.
● Large-size 6.86-inch IPS touch-screen and friendly manu interface enhance your operating-experience perfect while better observing the image.
● GPS devices can not only provide accurate navigation, but also allow remote monitoring the location, direction and speed of the vehicle. GPS Positioning and GPS Tracking.
● WiFi wireless connection, can surf the Internet anytime, anywhere just like your Android phone.
● Google play, a variety of interesting and useful APP is available for you to choose and download at any time.
● Built-in radio function is comparable to a car MP5.
● Bluetooth BT function for hand-free phone.
● FM transmitter.
● Gravity sensor: When encountering a collision, the gravity sensor will automatically lock the video, which makes it impossible to cover the video even if the loop recording function is turned on.
● Loop recording: When the storage space is full, it can automatically overwrite the earlier segment.


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Application scenarios

Package includes:

1 x 4G 84T68A
1 x Charger Cable
1 x GPS antenna
1 x Rear Camera
1 x User Manual

84T68A 4G Dash camera accessories
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