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1.【Wireless Apple CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto】 CarPlay & Android Auto is a smarter, safer way to use your phone in your motorcycle. CarPlay & Android Auto takes the things you want to do with your phone while motorcycle Riding and puts them right on this smart touch screen, you can gps navigation, make calls, enjoy your favorite music etc. With Siri Voice Control/Google_Assistant, control with a word or a touch, it’s super convenient. 2.【Easy Installation, Fit for All Motorcycle】 This portable carplay screen comes with bracket kits and tools, you can mount it on the motorcycle handle (the wiring is simple, ACC +12V and Ground), the mount guards against drops and vibration. 3.【Waterproof & Anti-Theft Design】 The motorcycle GPS has has rugged, ipx7 waterproof design and thief-proof detachable capacitive touchscreen remain under your control. 4.【Dual Bluetooth 】 Pair your phone to the carplay touch screen via Bluetooth, pair the unit to your Bluetooth helmet/earphone, then you can adjust the volume/switch songs and make hands-free calls by your helmet or earphone, so easy. Dual channels Bluet-tooth wireless connection, One for Bluetooth headset or helmet, another for cellphone pairing. 5. 【HD Touch Screen】5-inch screen with 800×480 HD IPS screen, enjoy the features such as carplay/android auto gps navigation, play music and more! 6. 【Dual lens driving recorder】 (F1080P+R1080P, H.264), make the driving more safe. 7. 【2 TPMS sensor】 2 Tire pressure detecting sensors, detecting the tire pressure in rear time, to make the drivingmore safe.
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