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Advantages of a Wireless Solar Car Backup Camera: Why You Need One.

What do you think when you hear about wireless backup cameras? Maybe some people will think that its installation will be very simple, because it does not require any cables to be installed. But unfortunately most wireless backup cameras just use wireless transmission, and their power supply still requires a cable to connect to the car, so it’s not completely wireless.

One might want to add a battery to the camera, which would solve the camera’s power supply problem, but what happens when the battery runs dry? replace it? charge it? That’s not realistic for a backup camera. You might want to add a bigger battery, but it means bigger size and more expensive.图片1 1

However SUNWAYI wireless solar car backup system can be truly wireless. I’ll let you know some of the benefits of this system, which should be enough to make you realize it’s worth the money.

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1. Solar powered.

There’s really only one problem to solve to get a fully wireless backup camera: power.

SUNWAYI D&R personnel innovatively integrated solar charging technology into the on-board backup camera system. The amorphous silicon solar panel with a conversion rate of up to 23% can continuously charge the battery inside the camera under the sunlight.

And all you need to do is get enough sunlight, and it’s not that hard, just drive or park during the day, which is what most of us do every day.

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2. All-in-one integrated design.

A backup camera and solar charging panel are integrated into a license plate frame, so the compact design makes the camera installation very natural. Just like a license plate Fit, it will neither appear obtrusive nor obscure any characters on the license plate, which is in line with the law.

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3. 100% DIY installation.

Unlike traditional backup cameras, installing a SUNWAYI wireless solar backup camera is the same as installing a license plate Fit, it does not require any professional skills at all, you only need a screwdriver and 5 minutes.

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Complete DIY installation can save a lot of labor costs. According to past experience, the labor cost of installing a conventional backup camera is about 200 US dollars. And you can save that cost and use it for other driver aids, like a Dash camera.

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With all the advantages mentioned above, it is clear that this is a very valuable product, as for its more benefits, why don’t you buy a sample and try it yourself?



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