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Shenzhen Sunway Industry Co.,Ltd

Established in 2001, Shenzhen Sunway Industry Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacturing, R&D, sales, and after-sales service of automotive electronic products (such as Wireless Solar Rearview / Monitoring Camera, Car Dash Camera, Car Parking Sensor System, ect. ).


With the industry zone in Hunan province, headquarter in Shenzhen, Sunway Industry output monthly 80,000pcs, and export to over 80 countries, especially USA, Germany, France, UK, EU, Australia, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Brazil. Most clients are famous over the world, such as COSTCO, Wal-Mart, BJ’s, ALDI, LIDL, Amazon, SHO-ME. The company provides high quality products, shorter delivery time, competitive price, and professional services.

Sunway Industry has a skilled R&D and engineering team with lots of technology patents, has great strengths on ODM/OEM orders. Sunway focuses on product development and technological innovation, we have been never stopping new product development, esp customizing service for the partners. As a BSCI factory and ISO9001 certified manufacturer, with CE, E-mark, FCC approval, we continuously cooperate with overseas partners to strengthen our position together in the world in the global market.

20 years of continuous development

Our technical team has made huge breakthroughs in lots of auto electronics field, esp. the wireless transmission, solar and low-consumption technology, ultrasonic sensor. As a leader in the application of automotive wireless video technology, you can find our wireless solar rear-view camera system in AIDL, Costco, BJ’s, Amazon, ect.

SUNWAYI Cooperation Customer

SUNWAYI advantage:

Sunwayi has fully mastered the wireless video technology and ultrasonic sensor technology, design and customize state-of-the-art product From chip selection, circuit design, programming to production and sales, we can control the entire process in all directions.

We can realize every idea of our clients to help customers improve their customers driving experience. and control the quality very well in production, striving to bring the most reliable and cost-effective new products to our partners. Furthermore, we continuously provide product upgrading and technical support.

PCB design & MD ID structure design

SUNWAYI has a R&D team with 15 years of experience, we have the ability to independently design and produce PCBs to realize every idea of customers. SUNWAYI’s excellent design team can complete the MD&ID structure design in the shortest time, providing customers with a beautiful, fashionable and exclusive product.

Strict quality inspection

Adhering to a responsible attitude, SUNWAYI will conduct a full set of tests on all materials in each product in the strictest manner. Such as PCBA program operation test, circuit test, high and low temperature test of injection molding materials, structural integrity test and power test of solar panel, etc. SUNWAYI will do its best to ensure that the product will not have any quality problems in future use.

High-quality production technology & process

As a BSCI factory and ISO9001 certified manufacturer, SUNWAYI has the latest automated production equipment and high-standard production technology, and every employee treats every product in production with a serious and responsible attitude. The branch industrial park located in Hunan Province has 220 employees and 10 professional production lines, with a monthly production capacity of 80,000 pieces. Good product quality and accurate delivery are our business cards that have never been lost for over 20 years.

Rigorous and authentic testing

SUNWAYI has good and in-depth cooperation with many laboratories such as SGS. Scientific testing is not only a guarantee for customers, but also improves our products and production processes. In addition to laboratory testing, SUNWAYI will also restore the real usage scenarios of the product for testing. We will record this data and improve our product until it is optimal for use.

Customized service

SUNWAYI not only has the ability to design new products, but also professional logo screen printing, laser engraving and packaging printing capabilities can provide customers with high-quality in-depth OEM&ODM services.

excellent team

As a company with a history of more than 20 years, SUNWAYI has a number of excellent sales, production, after-sales, technical and design teams. Our mission is that SUNWAYI’s service makes every customer feel the warmth of 7/24.



If you have any requests, we will assist you 24/7.

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